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Most people think we're just a shelter for homeless or addicted men.

While that's true to a point, we're actually so much more than that.

For over 60 years The Hope Center at Hagerstown Rescue Mission has been reaching out to men, women & children in many different ways. From overnight shelter, to free food, summer camp programs, and weekly Bible studies, there are many different ways we're here to help.


Take some time to explore the various ministries and programs offered at The Hope Center. If you're in need of help in some way, please contact us immediately by calling 301.739.1165. If you're interested in becoming a part of The Hope Center team by volunteering then please email or click on the link below for more information.


Ladies' Ministries

Youth Programs

Food Programs


Homeless Program

Thrift Stores

Learn more about our 13 month life recovery program for men who are dealing with various addictions.

Learn about our overnight transient shelter for men who are homeless.

Learn about our various free food assistance programs for anyone & everyone including daily meals.

Learn more about Wildside Youth Ministries at The Hope Center for kids ages 5-12.

Learn more about the various activities and events for women in our area.

Learn about the recycling program at The Hope Center and how it benefits our guests and the community.

Learn more about our area Thrift Stores including locations and operating schedules.

Interested in volunteering? Click the link to learn more

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