Pick-Up Information

Thank you for your interest in donating your gently used items to The Hope Center! We understand that so many have very busy schedules that sometimes make it difficult to bring used items to our donation center in Hagerstown.

Because of that, we do offer a pick-up service for donated goods in the greater Hagerstown and Chambersburg areas.

If you are interested in donating and would like to schedule a pick-up, please read through the information listed below and then give us a call to schedule at time for our truck to stop by your house or business.

  • If we are picking up furniture, we MAY be able to pick up other acceptable boxed or bagged items.

  • All items should be on the ground (or nearly ground) level.

  • For safety and insurance reasons, our men are not permitted to carry items from the second floor (or above) nor from the basement unless it is a walk-out basement.

  • If there is a working elevator in your building then our men may take items from higher levels.

  • If our men are entering your residence to carry out furniture then you will be asked to sign a waiver giving permission for them to enter your home and releasing them from responsibility for any damage (our men will be very careful with your items but note that they are not professional movers).

  • The driver will be checking donated furniture to make sure that it is something we can accept and use.

  • Furniture should be ready to go when the truck arrives. Please have drawers empty, etc. If a piece of furniture needs to be disassembled, we politely ask that you have it disassembled and ready to go by time of pick-up. All hardware and instructions should be given to the driver.

  • For list of acceptable donated items please click on this link:

Basic Information

Scheduling a pick-up is easy. All you need to do is call our Administrative Office at 301.739.1165 during business hours Mon - Fri 8:15am - 4pm

  • Pick-ups are done Mon - Fri between 9am and 2pm

  • No pick-ups are done on Saturday

  • We will schedule you for a certain day based on your schedule BUT we are not able to give you a specific time for the pick-up. We will give you a time range but that is subject to change based.

  • If you have concerns day of pick-up, please call 301.739.1165 to talk to someone.  

Donation Receipt

We will gladly provide you with a receipt of in-kind gifts donated for tax purposes. Please consult with your tax advisor or whomever prepares your taxes to make sure you list the correct information for the receipt. 

It's important that you remember to include your name and address on the items list, especially if you make the list on your own paper rather than filling out our form, in order for us to know where to send your receipt.

To learn more about the details of a donation receipt please click on the red General Info button just to the lower left.

If you have any questions please call us at 301.739.1165 or email us at hagerstownrescue@verizon.net.

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