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Transient/Homeless Ministry

Did you know that The Hope Center is the oldest continually operational homeless shelter in Hagerstown?

It's true! We've had our doors open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year since the very beginning. And we aren't about to stop any time soon.

Below is some important information about our transient shelter. If you know of a man in the area who needs a safe place to stay. Unfortunately at this time we do not have accommodations for women and children. Call us at 301.739.1165 to get information about shelters who can house women.

Check in: 5pm daily

Location: Main residential building

Services offered: shower with complimentary toiletries, evening meal, and a comfortable bed with blankets.

Below are some common FAQs about our transient ministry. If you still have other questions or concerns please call us at 301.739.1165.


When I stay at The Hope Center shelter do I have to leave the property during the day?

Yes, unfortunately at this time we do not have enough space to accomodate day guests.  In addition, we encourage people staying here to be out and about looking for work and actively working their way out of homelessness.

Do you help people find jobs?

We post job information that comes our way on a bulletin board.  We will point you to other organizations that specialize in helping people gain employment.

Do you have a place where I can store my belongings so I don't have to carry them all over town?

Unfortunately due to limited space we currently have no place to store your belongings. We recommend that you come with the minimum amount you can get along with. Hopefully this will fit in a backpack that you can take with you.

Is there some place in town where I can get meals?

While a guest at The Hope Center you are provided three free meals a day. This allows you to save your money towards your future housing needs. In addition to The Hope Center, there are a few other places that serve meals.

Do you allow people to come there from jail, prison or on parole?

Yes, we know that many people being released have no where to go and we, like Jesus, do not discrimate due to your past. If you are on parole from another county, we will ask you to communicate with your current agent and have them seek a transfer before coming.

Can I bring a vehicle?

You may bring your vehicle and park it here overnight but it must be off property during the day. If you have a special circumstance you may request a short term exception.

Do you have private rooms?

Unfortunately due to space limitations we do not. Overnight guests sleep in an open area and mattresses are given out each night.

How long can I stay?

Guests are allowed to stay for up to thirty (30) days if they follow our rules. Futhermore, if they follow the rules they may request two (2) one week extensions. However, if you are professionally homeless it will be up to the discretion of the evening chaplains if they will grant any of these extensions. Simply put they are not a right.

What about in the winter months?

In the winter the stay can be longer but we still encourage everyone to seek long term work and housing during their stay.

Do I have to attend religious services?

Yes, there is a ten (10) minute devotional before Soup Line (lunch) and an hour long service before the evening meal. Refusal to attend will cause you to miss a meal or even lose the privilege of staying.

Got questions about our shelter or men's ministry? Contact us!

Call Terry or Dillan at 301.739.1165

or email them
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